Get help with YOUR telescope problem

Anyone who has bought a new product knows how infuriating it is when you cannot get it to work properly. It is just the same with that treasured new telescope.

Modern computerized “GoTo” mounts are designed to make it easier for users to find objects in the sky. In fact they can simply introduce more potential problems.

Sometimes perceived problems with a telescope will be down to a manufacturing fault in which case the instrument needs to be returned to your dealer. But often they may be due to a mistake in setting the instrument up, or inexperience in what one can expect from the sky.

So if you have read the instruction manual carefully and are still lost, what can you do? A good telescope supplier should offer some back-up, and if you are a member of a local astronomical society you might be able to get some help from a fellow member.

Otherwise the vast virtual community that is to be found on the internet can come to your aid. A quick Google might find some hints from others who have had a similar problem.

Here at Skymania, we are aiming to help by setting up our own Telescope Tips Forum on Google Groups where you can ask questions about problems with telescopes and binoculars. Our advisers include Robin Scagell, the astronomy guru whose books include Stargazing With A Telescope and Stargazing With Binoculars. We welcome new members of the group, either to find help in using a telescope or to offer tips of their own. With luck we will all be able to help each other.

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