Fujifilm X-M1

How to photograph a meteor shower

When a good meteor shower is active, you could capture yourself some “shooting stars” with an ordinary camera, as long as it can take time exposures. Here is our guide to get you started.

Diagram illustrating a meteor radiant

The Perseid meteor shower

Here is all you need to know about the Perseid meteor shower, summer’s most famous display of shooting stars. Facts about the Perseids.

Venus close to Moon

How to observe Venus

For the amateur astronomer, it is easy to observe Venus because it is the brightest object in the night sky after the Moon.

The Moon and Venus on show as night falls

You don’t need a telescope to go stargazing!

Many people assume that you need a telescope to get into stargazing, which means you’ve got to be rich to afford one. Well you don’t actually need anything other than your eyes to become an amateur astronomer!

Total lunar eclipse

What is an eclipse of the Moon?

A lunar eclipse happens when our Moon passes into the shadow that the Earth casts in space. This is a quite different event to what is termed an eclipse of the Sun because the Sun is physically blotted out by the Moon rather than put in its shadow.