A pair of images of Uranus from the Keck II telescope, with the north pole to their right, reveal new details about the planet's enigmatic atmosphere

Sharpest ever pictures of windy Uranus

Uranus is a relatively little explored planet of the Solar System. But the most detailed pictures ever taken are shedding new light on its mysterious windy weather.

The 1st Class stamp marking observations of the Sun by SOHO

Stamps show UK is first class in space

The UK’s postal service, Royal Mail, will issue a set of new stamps next week that highlight the nation’s involvement in space missions. With a strong astronomy and planetary science theme, they are designed to mark the 50th anniversary of Britain’s first satellite, Ariel 1.

An artist's impression of the 55 Cancri planetary system. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Super-Earth planet is made of diamonds

A rocky planet discovered by astronomers in 2004 is made of diamonds, new research suggests. A thick layer of the precious stone lies just beneath its surface and makes up a third of its rocky mass.

An artist's impression of Herschel observing deep in space

Herschel telescope detects water and comets

Enough water vapour in a cosmic cloud to fill Earth’s oceans more than 2,000 times over, and a belt of comets around another star have been discovered by the European Space Telescope’s Herschel space telescope.