View of comet from SoHo

NASA sees comet crash into Sun

NASA has released video images of a comet making a spectacular suicide dive into the Sun earlier this month after its demise was watched by a fleet of spacecraft.

An artist's impression of the quasar

Distant quasar is drenched in water

Astronomers have discovered a quasar feeding on the biggest reservoir of water in the universe – 140 trillion times as much as in all the world’s oceans.

The LMC as observed by Spitzer, showing the stolen stars in red as they are moving away from us and blue as they are moving towards us

Streams of stars switch galaxies

Hundreds of stars which were born in the Small Magellanic Cloud have been discovered hiding in neighbouring mini galaxy the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Vesta as seen by Dawn on 9 July 9, from a distance of about 41,000 km (26,000 miles)

Dawn breaks for asteroid Vesta

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has been captured into orbit around asteroid Vesta to try to unravel some of the mysteries of the early Solar System.

The cloud of dust and gas in Ophiuchus

Hair bleach is found in deep space

Astronomers have for the first time spotted hair bleach in the depths of space and say it gives them a clue to where water comes from in the universe.

An impression of New Horizons' encounter with a KBO (NASA)

Can you discover a new icy world?

Space enthusiasts are being given the chance to discover icy new worlds in the outer reaches of the Solar System. Report by Amanda Doyle.