Enhanced frame from Mr Tachikawa's video showing latest flash

Yet another impact seen on Jupiter

Another asteroid impact has been spotted on Jupiter with two Japanese amateur astronomers independently recording a bright flash on the edge of its main dark belt.

The Earth and Moon from Messenger

NASA probe snaps fragile Earth

You are here! NASA’s Messenger spaceprobe has looked back to capture a unique image of the Earth and Moon hanging against a starry backdrop.

Hayabusa breaks up

Mountain UFOs mystery ‘is solved’

The latest X-files released by the UK’s Ministry of Defence appear to solve Britain’s “Roswell” – the Berwyn Mountain Incident when some say an alien spaceship crashed in Wales.

solar activity from SoHo observatory

Double blast on Sun aimed at Earth

As predicted, a series of eruptions on the Sun at the weekend caused a blast of violent space weather that hit the Earth, sparking some spectacular displays of the aurora. There may be more to come so stay tuned to the night sky!