Apollo 17 – America’s farewell to the Moon

Alan Shepard on Apollo 14 mission

Apollo 14 – Golf on the Moon

The Apollo 14 mission to the Moon did not fly until January 1971 after modifications were made to the Service Module to avoid an accident such as had hit Apollo 13 from happening again.

Apollo 12's Pete Conrad checks out Surveyor 3.

Apollo 12 – a lightning return to the Moon

America’s second crewed mission to the lunar surface got off to a dramatic start when the Saturn V rocket carrying Apollo 12 was twice hit by lightning as it climbed into the sky.

Buzz Aldrin on Moon

Apollo 11 – Man on the Moon

The culmination of America’s lunar space programme came in July, 1969, with the Apollo 11 mission. For the first time in history, humans set foot on the surface of the Moon.

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