Spirit spots eclipse on Mars

A Nasa robot rover has sent home photos of an eclipse of the moon – on Mars.
Spirit, which has spent nearly two years trundling around on the red planet, snapped its larger moon Phobos as it passed through the shadow of Mars in space.
And just like with a lunar eclipse on Earth, 16-mile-wide Phobos gradually dimmed as sunlight was blocked from falling onto its surface.
Mars’ second moon Deimos is also visible in the original pictures sent back by Spirit from the summit of Husband Hill. (It is not in the cropped image, right).

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By Paul Sutherland

Paul Sutherland has been a professional journalist for nearly 40 years. He writes regularly for science magazines including BBC Sky at Night magazine, BBC Focus, Astronomy Now and Popular Astronomy, plus he has authored three books on astronomy and contributed to others.

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