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  • The first image of the Moon's surface from Luna 9. Image credit: NASA

    How Daily Express scooped world on first Moon landing

    Fifty years ago this week, the Daily Express landed a major scoop by revealing the first picture ever taken from the surface of another world – the Moon.

  • An artist’s impression of Planet Nine, looking back towards the Sun and showing flashes of lightning in its clouds. Image credit: Caltech/R. Hurt (IPAC)

    Evidence points to new ninth planet in Solar System

    Astronomers have found compelling evidence for a new giant planet orbiting the Sun in the depths of the solar system. It is being dubbed Planet Nine.

  • New Year Quadrantid meteors put on a fine show

    New Year Quadrantid meteors put on a fine show

    For observers of meteor showers, the New Year offers a reliably strong display with the Quadrantids. Here is a selection of photos of the 2016 display.

  • Astronauts Helen Sharman and Richard Garriott pictured with the writer, centre.

    Brit Tim Peake is seventh astronaut born in the UK

    Major Tim Peake is currently in quarantine as he prepares for launch on Tuesday to the International Space Station as UK’s first official astronaut. During six months in orbit for the European Space Agency, the former Army test pilot from Chichester, West Sussex, will run the London Marathon on a treadmill. But while space fans across the country will be […]

  • An artist's impression of GJ 1132b in orbit around its red dwarf star. Image credit: MIT/Dana Berry

    New Earthlike rocky planet is as hot as hell

    Excited astronomers have discovered the closest Earthlike rocky planet beyond our own Solar System – but it is almost certainly too hot for life.


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